Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Good evening lovelies! Alright, so, I know i am a bit behind the times, as Katy Perry's adorable "T.G.I.F" video debuted about 2 weeks ago. I just found it today and fell in love with the video. There are so many amazing cameos in it, and the style is amazing! Today, I'm going to bring you Katy Perry's makeover outfit after she goes to the party and Rebecca Black transforms her from geek to geek chic.

 Katy Perry's T.G.I.F. Outfit

While Katy perry's outfit in this video is amazing and loos fantastic on her, not all of us have her body, or want to wear that to work or to hang out. I've found a really excellent outfit that can work for wherever you want to go with the same look Katy Perry put in her video. It will make all the men go....

$50 or Less


Outfit Total: $51.00

And THAT lovelies, is how you have a T.G.I.W!!!

"What's that...lost boy doing in your bed?"

Hahahahah, Cory Feldman!

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