Sunday, August 10, 2014

How I made money with old clothes

During one balmy Saturday afternoon about 8 months ago, I realized my wardrobe was entirely too large and I didn't wear most of my clothes enough to justify me owning them. (I think of the most random things on lazy days) It was that afternoon I decided to embark on a mission to find a way to actually get something back for my really nice, gently used clothes. As much as I love donating and supporting thrift stores, I wanted to get a little more bang for my buck with such a huge haul. I began to hunt around the internet for the best way to get a return on my investment, and not long after I came across I know I've mentioned the site previously, but it really a user-friendly and fun site to use. Listia is a site where you put your things up for auction/sale and when something sells, you get x amount of credit to the website to use for other people's auctions/sales. There is everything imaginable that's sold on that site, and so with a little patience and elbow grease, I managed to turn my major clothing overhaul into an amazing and massive addition to every area of my life. From 2 large bags of clothes, I managed to acquire designer clothing, shoes, makeup, jewelry, a gaming system + several games, and house decorations.

2 Saturdays ago I had a similar epiphany - too much clothing still in my wardrobe, not nearly enough wears to justify them. Once again I feverishly sorted through my clothes and came up with a bag's worth of items that were just collecting dust. Instead of immediately going to Listia, this time I wanted to see if I could get actual cash in my pocket, out of curiosity more than genuine broke-as-a-joke necessity. I hunted around again, and this time I came across a site called Twice.

Twice is a very well laid-out, easy to navigate website where they accept and resell certain brands of gently used clothing. The great part is they can either pay you via check, or you can get a credit to their website. I requested the free, already postage-paid bag from them to send in my items. 4 days later an envelope showed up with instructions and a folded bag inside. The bag they sent me could've easily fit 20 items, but I sent in only 6 following their accepted brand list found on the website. I folded up the bag, secured it, and dropped it in the mail. 5 days later, I received an email from them stating that they had received my bag, processed the clothes, and were going to accept 3 of my 6 items. From the 3 items, I could get either a $20.50 check sent to me, or I could get a $32.50 credit to their website. 

To finish this experiment, I chose the money. 7 days after I clicked the "Receive Check" option, I got my check in the mail.

While it is little bit harder to secure an in-hand cash return when selling items online, it can be done with sites like Twice that make it fun and easy, and a little elbow grease of course. <.3

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