Sunday, August 24, 2014

Straw Studios NYC

One of my good friends in NYC became an assistant at Straw Studios back in March. While I was excited for her new job, I was puzzled: I felt like I had heard of them before but I couldn't quite place my finger on where. After she started working for them, I realized that I had seen a few of their items before in Dillard's, on Zulily, and in Glamour and Lucky magazine. So imagine my delight when I heard a surprise care package was on route to me a few weeks ago. When it arrived I opened the box and was immediately surprised at how colorful and rich everything looked. The idea of straw has always appealed to me but I've usually been a little put off by many stores that I've seen selling straw accessories. Most straw items I've seen look cheap, feel cheap, and fall apart after one use, so I've generally stayed away and just admired from a far.

My friend sold me on straw when she sent me 6 beautiful pieces, but before I even had a chance to say "Time to go to the beach", my sister-in-law, who was there as I opened the package, snatched up  the two fedoras and a beautiful bright blue clutch. I grabbed the other 3 pieces and ran like I had a pair of Louboutins at a sample sale.

Straw Studios Samples

The color and design on the front is eye-catching and fun - it's the perfect bag for the beach, the farmer's market, or even dinner with friends.

The twisted detail on the leather straps really adds to the overall unique personality of the bag.

These pieces aren't anything like the Dollar General wannabes - they're very sturdy and can hold a lot. When you purchase a knockoff or an item from a dollar store, it usually has that really cheap, flimsy feeling. Straw Studio items feel expensive - they're durable and feel like they'll last.These are quality straw pieces, which isn't surprising since they own their own factory where they grow and harvest the straw they use for their items.

These items are now permanent staples in my wardrobe, the one I've used the most so far being the pink tote. This tote is convenient with it's multitasking abilities, thick lining and spacious inside pockets.

With an affordable price range of $54-$144, this USA-based brand is quickly becoming a well-known wardrobe staple. Keep your eyes open for this growing brand in a store near you.

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