Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One Fine Wire

Hello again lovelies! I must apologize for not posting Sunday night. I've been working non-stop since I got my job at Nordstrom's Rack last week. I've been working so much I completely forgot Sunday night! Silly me; I remembered Sunday morning but then after I got home I was so tired i just passed out.

Not to worry lovelies! I have put together a massive collection for you today to make up for Sunday's post.

Since I'm working in the Accessories department now, I thought I'd do an accessories-themed blog post. Also, since it's now November (Where did the time go?!) I've decided to give you all lovely Gift Ideas for $50 or less! =D YAAAY!

Great Gift Ideas For $50 and less

I'm going to be honest. I have a secret unadulterated love for Betsey Johnson. She appeals to the hardcore girly-girl that lives deep down inside of me. I like to pretend that side of me doesn't exist, but every time I walk into her store I can't help but get caught up in her fun, funky mood.
After scouring her Sale section, I have found these lovely items that will compliment any outfit and add a bit of personality!

Mismatch Bird & Bow Earrings: $17.50

Mismatch Dagger & Bow Earrings: $24.50

Polka Dot Butterfly Ring: $32.50

The other thing that I really love about Betsey Johnson is that, yes, her pieces do range a bit more on the pricier side, but they're so catered to personalities that you don't need another gift once you buy a pair of her earrings, or a pair of her shoes, or a ring for your friend or loved one. Her pieces are very very bold. Giving a pair of her earrings is a large statement because you're catering to that person's personality in such a way that it says a lot.

I've always had a thing for Macy's. When

i moved out to San Diego

and got my own Macy's card, that's I actually became somewhat addicted. They have fantastic brands at really great deals, and I just love the feeling of knowing you bought something from Macy's.

Anne Klein Davis Driving Moccasin: $34.50

These shoes are absolutely fantastic and have a bit of old-school spunk to them. They add a certain class and worldly-know how with a bit of sensibility and color mixed in. I do believe there is also a 90-year old inside of me trying to get out, but I don't care. I'm in love with these shoes, and you should be too.

From the moment I discovered about 2 years ago I've been drooling over their inventory. I believe they are excellent at keeping ahead of the current trends while still making one-of-a-kind pieces available.

Lonesome Dove Necklace: $5.99

I think it's pretty needless to say how much I love overstock. I go on at least once a week to see what kind of deals they're having. Overstock has never let me down yet, and I've bought many pairs of shoes from there. One of my favorite pairs of boots originally cost $160. I got it on sale for $15 and the shipping was free. THAT'S why has my vote of confidence.

Bird Cage Electroplated Copper Earrings: $15.39 is an exciting array of accessories that always seems to draw me back. I dream of the shoes they have there, and with their sale section having just taken extra markdowns, now their lovely shoes and accessories can be affordable for everyone! =)

Etienne Aigner "Ravine" Shoes: $39.99

I'm going to be honest, these shoes were sought out because of Ellen Page. Yes, you heard correctly.

This is the image that inspired me. The moment I saw this image, i said "Oh my god, I need a pair of those shoes". Truth be told, I want that outfit because of how amazing she makes it look. I've always had a love of oxford-esque shoes and wing tips, so really this was more just icing to the cake.

No, but seriously, I want those shoes. Badly. Channukah present anyone?

Alright lovelies, here are some of my gift ideas for you. Don't worry, I will not forget to post again, and as it draws closer to the holiday season, I will keep on posting away and giving you all more wonderful ideas! Happy shopping! =)

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