Thursday, November 12, 2009

Big Girls Don't Cry

Good evening lovelies! I apologize about not posting last night; I was going through some very serious personal issues that took all night to sort out. I promise I didn't forget about you all though!

Just to make it up to you, I have handpicked some of the internet's most amazing deals from some very underground brands and not-so-well known sites.

HOT Online Deals

$50 or Less!!!

First and foremost, we have the amazingly amazing and still somewhat underground brand Johnny Cupcakes. It was started by a guy named Johnny in Boston, Massachusetts back in 2000. Instead of selling out to main-stream corporations, he has decided to keep his brand with its quality intact. He has 2 stores in Boston, and one in Los Angeles.

Really funny story about Johnny Cupcakes; when I was still living in New Hampshire, i used to go to Seacoast Outright. One night there was a guy named Thomas wearing a Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt with a cupcakes and crossbones. Yes, you read correctly, a cupcake and crossbones on the front of his black t-shirt. I saw that shirt and complimented him on it. I didn't remember many things about going to Outright, but I always remembered that shirt.

Fast forward to about 4 years later, I was sitting in my Brand Marketing class last week when a classmate presented about a little brand called Johnny Cupcakes. The minute I saw the cupcakes and skull bones on the screen, I remembered that shirt and googled them. Then, of course, while watching Attack of the Show (Cause I'm secretly a nerd like that), they presented a segment on Johnny Cupcakes.

Needless to say, you all should go check out his website, and if you're near one of the stores, stop in!

CrossBones Boxers: $4.99

I'm going to be honest, I have a major thing for boxers. I love wearing them. They're comfy as ever. And, from what I've heard at least, guys like them too. These would make the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone! =)

Polka Dot Crossbones Guys: $24.99

This would make the perfect gift for that special guy or girl in your life. I love a girl in an awesome men's tee, and I love men in t's with awesome graphics. This is just a wardrobe essential to me. Every wardrobe needs one tee with an awesome print.

Forks Striped Tie: $24.99

If any man or woman is going to wear a tie, it NEEDS to be this one. It has a fork!! And a cupcake!!! And crossbones!!!! HA!!!

Next up, we have the lovely This is an awesome site. If you're looking for anything unusual or cute or vintage, this is the place to go. They have something for everyone, and it's always very affordable and beautiful.

Retro 80's purse: $10.00


Cable Knit Mug Cozy: $15

Ok, so it's not clothing, but it's technically knitwear, and it's SOOO damn CUUUTE! If you think about it's, it's like clothing, for your mug.....

Bel Cloche Knit: $5

Ok, for $5, can you really resist? I mean, seriously, this is just too damn cute. Buy this, like, NOW. Thank you!

This has always been one of my favorite sites. When you go to the homepage, you can help save almost 12 acres of rainforest just by clicking on a link. How awesome and environmentally friendly is that??? This website also hosts work of various artists from around the world and includes sustainable and recycled fashions as well as home decor. Everything you purchase from the site also goes to help preserve even more rainforest! Go on and do good with your bad self.

Faceted Amethyst Drop Earrings: $7.95

These are timeless, beautiful pieces that would actually go very well with that cloche hat above. Just saying.....

Brazilian Wrapped Stone Necklace: $18

From the moment I saw this my heart went "pitter-patter PLOP". Yep, this necklace is just THAT gorgeous. This would go with anything, and at $18 this is an incredible steal considering the fact that this would probably be sold for over $100 in stores. You're welcome.

Gift from the Garden Earrings: $6

No, you're not going blind, yes, they are really $6. These fantastic little earrings will make the perfect compliment to any outfit for any women with a bit of funk in her soul. Since one of my close friends just lost a pair of earrings I bought her a few Christmas's ago, these will make the perfect replacement. Shhhh, don't tell her!

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