Thursday, November 19, 2009

Send in the hounds

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all are avoiding whatever is going around. Thankfully I seem to be almost past it.

Did anyone watch Lady Gaga's performance on Gossip Girl? AWESOME! I swear, that girl is AMAZING!

Alright, since I did Sunday's post all about boots, today will about another fall and winter and necessity; sweaters! I have found some amazing sweaters that I think you all will go gaga for! And yes, pun intended! =D

Hot Internet Deals!!!
$50 or Less!!!

Drea Animal Cardigan: $24.99

I love myself some Delia's, and this little cardigan is an awesome way to spice up an outfit and go for a very hot trend, animal prints. They are still very in-style and they can be seen everywhere. Zebra is still powerful without being quite so bold as cheetah. This will look great over a LBD and keep you cozy too!

Design History Black Scoopneck Sweater: $29.99

This is an amazing little number that will look adorable with a pencil skirt or just a pair of skinnys and boots. Any swingy sweater in black is a must-have for everyone.

Nick & Mo Applique Cardigan: $28.90

A hot coral applique cardigan. Absolutely perfect. This is artsy feminine chic at its finest. I have been looking for an adorable cardigan that is work-appropriate, fun, yet still light enough to run around in. Since this is cotton, this is perfect!
Alright lovelies, time to shop! Have fun now, and stay toasty! =)

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