Monday, November 23, 2009

How opposed are you to grand theft auto?

Yes lovelies, it is true, I am a Twilight fan. Maybe fan isn't a strong enough word. Last year when I was living in student housing, a roommate started reading. Me being the bookworm that I am, I picked up Twilight one day and started reading. The second book I read in one sitting one night when I was supposed to be sleeping. I got less than an hour of sleep that night and happily worked a full day at work the next day. Just to show how much I love the books....

New Moon followed the book. I am very happy to report that I loved it! I'm very excited to see how they're going to do the 3rd installment with Jacob's part! YAAAY! I LOOOOOVE Twilight!

To celebrate the release of New Moon, I have decided to do a New Moon-inspired outfit. I absolutely adored Alice's birthday party outfit and wanted to recreate it the best that I could.

Look For Less

$50 or Less

Alice's birthday outfit

Twist Front Purple Cami Dress: $15
Twilight New Moon Vampire Girl Cuff: $18
Pink Swirl Print Yummy Satin Ballet Flats: $9.97
Small Peacock Feather Hair Clip: $7.98

Total: $50.95

Ok, so it's a little bit more than $50, but what's an extra 95 cents when you have an amazing party outfit that is totally Twilight and totally amazing! =D

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