Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Actually, I will sweat it.

Good evening lovelies! You all are beautiful, wonderful people!

Tonight, in light of it getting warmer, I've decided to do something that is desperately needed yet drastically overlooked: Workout Clothing!

Yes, we exercise to maintain our sexiness, but do the clothes we work out in make us feel sexy? When we put on a pretty dress and pretty heels, we feel better, more confident, and we get more out of our day.

Maybe, if we ditch the hole-ridden, armpit-stained t-shirts and gym shorts for some more attractive workout gear, we'll have a more confident workout and get more out of it?

It's worth a shot! What the worst that could happen? You look awesome on the treadmill? Sounds like a win-win to me!

Work-out Gear

$50 or less

Ginger Tank: $25.00

This tank is simple, sleek, and will hold you in while running (A problem I've encountered in the past. This is not a re-run of Baywatch here people!)

Women's Swoop Organic T-shirt: $14.98

For those that prefer t-shirts, this lovely yet comfortable enough for any sport. The design is awesome and will look great on anyone. Besides, who can be $15?!

Run Like the Wind Singlet: $42.00

This funky little tank top has a little shelf up top. Kinda funky. Kinda sexy. 100% AWESOME.

Reverse Groove Short: $48.00

THIS is the kind of short that people need to invest in. These stick to your body, so you don't have to worry about them riding up or flopping in the breeze. These will look awesome, no matter what yoga position you're doing.

FlashBack Skirt: $29.00

I won't lie, I really love the convenience of running skirts. They're fun, easy, and flirty, all while being completely practical. How cute is this pink???

Women's Quest Running Tight: $27.50

OH MY GOD. I nearly shrieked when I found these. No lie. I've been searching for pants/workout tights like these FOREVER. The ones I've already found in stores are like $50 or more. It's kind of ridiculous. NO MORE! Less than $30 and these are AWESOME! Cool designs on the side, and the guarantee that they'll never ride up or look bad. Add to cart...

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