Sunday, May 2, 2010

Supernatural Stealings

Good afternoon lovelies! Since I might have to go into work again tonight (after going in this morning, double shifts=groceries=YAAAY!) I've decided to do my post for you all early.

Today, since True Blood is starting again in June (YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!) and The Vampire Diaries & Supernatural are almost at their season finales (NOOOOO!), I've decided to do a supernatural post for you all, stylishly of course.

As I'm pretty sure is apparent at this point, I am obsessed with Etsy. I adore going on there and sifting through the wonderful treasures that others have created. I also, of course, letting Etsy do the work for me and send me fantastical things that they've found. In turn, I choose the coolest things, and bring them to you. Supply and demand, huzzah!

A spooky little girl like you

$50 or Less

Bella's Moonstone Silver Ring: $45

Exactly like the one Bella wore in Twilight. How gorgeous and awesome and totally Washington hippie. LOVE IT!

My Black Arrow: $29.00

This is an absolutely stunning, chic piece that will complete any outfit and grab attention without being gaudy or over-the-top.

For all you wolf lovers out there.

The fact that it comes with a silver chain and can be switched out for a leather cord and still look absolutely kick-butt, HECK YES!!!! The detail on the wolf is amazing. It just all around looks awesome. Where this with a slouchy tee, some ripped skinny jeans, ankle booties, and you're good to go!

An Awesome Find

This was just too damn cool to pass up. How awesome are the colors they chose? And look at that detail! The Octopi are so cute and absolutely wearable! YES PLEASE!!!

And that is it lovelies until Wednesday! I hope you all have an amazing week! And good luck on midterms for those who have them.

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