Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sweet sweet summertime

Good evening lovelies! I hope your week has gone well. Tonight I was hoping to bring you an amazing $1 find from Santa Barbara, but alas, the only good things we found were the clam chowder on the pier and a seagull named Larry. We didn't get to walk around downtown, but we got to witness a wedding, which was lovely and inspiring.

This Wednesday, I will put together a wedding blog, because weddings should NOT make you go broke!

Tonight though, I will be bringing you a few goodies I found that I am in LOOOOOVE with, and I hope you all will love too.

Sweet Sweet!

$50 or less

Michal Negrin Blue Grey Crystals Rose Shaped Ring: $35.00

I feel like this should've been in the group of jewelry I just received that used to belong to my grandmother. No lie, this is elegant and funky, but absolutely feels like it's a family heirloom, which makes it all the better.

Racerback Tank Dress: $35.00

Racerback. Tank. Dress. With brightly-colored pockets. This is that kind of dress you find yourself wearing all the time because you feel so fabulous in it and it goes for every occasion.

Baboosha Black Faux Leather Head Wrap: $17.00

The most elegant and kick-ass headwrap, ever.

Rhinestone Snake Pin: $40.00

I can't stand matchy-matchy outfits, so I did not mean to bring together two gold & blue pieces in the same post, but this pin is amazing! Put this on a plain slouchy tee, some skinny jeans or a funky skirt and you're all set. This pin will be the only jewelry you'll need. Ever.

Nina "Duffy" Flats: $39.95

These speak to the little girl in me without getting too young and fluffy. These are wearable by anyone of any age, yet envoke a sense of fun and mischeviousness that can't be beat.

Until Wednesday lovelies, be good!

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