Monday, June 28, 2010

Fair Trade, Fair Heart

Good morning lovelies!

This past weekend, I had the extreme fortune of being able to attend the OB Street Fair. This major street festival happens only once a year, and it includes enough food, local vendors, and beer tasting stands to make your head spin.

While I was there, I came across a stand with lots of beautiful, hand-made beaded accessories. When I saw the man running that stand had a Red Sox hat on, I immediately geared my bottom over to him and started talking. Turns out, he, and the other woman running the company, are from NH and have been out in San Diego for many years. They started their business, "Shkaala" several years ago and have been growing ever since.

Shkaala donates 5% of their profits to the artisan communities, and everything sold is hand-made by "over 150 Mayan women from Guatemala". Each individual has been personally met by the owners themselves more than once. It is very safe to say that this company is Fair Trade, and one of the best places to buy from in my book!

This brings me back to my days at summer camp, where the dragonflies seemed to be of monstrous proportions and all the colors of the rainbow. All the beautiful dragonflies, where do they all come from.....

Kids and Larger Lizard Bracelet: $10.00

This is just the sweetest thing, and would look amazing on kids, teens, young adults, adults. This would look adorable on everyone.

Black and White Beaded Evening Purse: $40.00

This is absolutely stunning. Anyone can wear this bag. This has a very boho city-chic feeling to it that is just amazing. It's very easy to wear, yet the beading makes it really special. I think this is one of the coolest purses I've ever seen.

There you have it lovelies, fair trade at affordable prices! This world just keeps getting better!

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