Sunday, June 6, 2010

Drop Dead Delightful

Good evening lovelies! Drop Dead Diva has finally started up again! For those that watched the season premier tonight, you know about the awesomeness that I speak of.

In light of the premier this evening, I will be re-creating one of Jane's looks from tonight, just for the occasion! If you watch the link I've posted below, you will see a clip of Jane wearing a lovely yellow ruffled top. With that top, she wore a waist-cinching black belt, black pants, and lovely black shoes. She also matched it with an awesome black purse. That is the outfit I will be re-creating tonight.

I love that show.

Jane's Look

For Le

Yellow Sweet Ruffled Neckline Ruffled Dress: $19.99

The amazing thing about this dress is that it A.) Already comes with a black belt and B.) Can be worn with or without pants. The hemline is work appropriate.

Merona Rachel Pant: $14.99

These are, of course, any wardrobe staple.

Black Leather Purse Handbag: $4.99

A $5 handbag that goes with everything. Can a girl ask for more?

Women's Faux Leather Sandal Flats: $9.99

These are absolutely perfect for summer, and are still, in my opinion, nice enough to wear to work. Don't forget to paint those toes!

Total: $49.96

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