Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A woman's best accessory

Good evening lovelies! I am heading to NYC for a week on Saturday, so I will not be posting until next Sunday night.

All today I was trying to think of a very "New York" outfit to bring to you. All throughout my finals today, I kept asking myself "What is it that makes a new york outfit a new york outfit?"

I asked myself "What accessory?", "What shoe?", "What purse?", "What wardrobe basic is seen everywhere is quintessential New York?"

Then, I realized it's not an article of clothing, a piece of jewelry, or even a pair of beautiful pumps. No, it's nothing you wear, but something you very much own.


Everywhere you look in New York, women and men are walking with confidence. It could be a brown paper bag and a pair of sky-high platforms, but the confidence makes it desirable. The confidence that a woman owns and wears is beautiful, and it is unique to every person, but it is there. The confidence is oozing from the concrete sidewalks littered with the latest fashions and unique styles, and it is there that that confidence, rising from the ground, makes everything it touches quintessential New York.

The thing about the confidence there that makes it difference from, say, the confidence in L.A. or Chicago, is that the confidence in New York is infused with just a dash of attitude. It is a beautiful, powerful thing that can not be bought in the stores or made on a machine. It is something that comes from within, that comes from that place deep down inside that yes, you might be wearing a Gaga-esque outfit of nothing more than a bra, skirt & cape, but you know what? That bra, skirt & cape combination is awesome, and you rock it! The attitude comes from knowing that confidence and owning it.

So, tonight I'm not going to tell you go to buy this, or look for this sale here, or watch for that sale there.

Tonight, I'm going to tell you, that you can buy all the clothing, shoes, and accessories in the world, but you can't buy confidence, and confidence is truly, all you need to look your best.

So when you're looking in the mirror and wondering if you look good, relax, you look amazing. Own that confidence, and it will make you shine.

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