Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Comically Inclined

Good evening lovelies!

Today while I was hanging out with my friend Valeria, we were watching some vintage Dane Cook, circa 2003. I love vintage Cook, well, really anything from Dane Cook. His stage performances are amazing, but I couldn't help but notice his fashion choices. Yes, it was almost a decade ago, so, it's excusable, but then I started looking at the other comedians out there now, circa 2010.

I can honestly say, I understand the concept of a "signature look". I understand that the clothing is part of the onstage persona that comedians wish to project. I can't help but lament whenever I see another up-and-coming sauntering onto stage wearing a track suit. Unless it's part of the act, leave the workout gear at home boys! Instead of being able to focus on your act, I can't help but wonder "Did he run a triathlon before the show?".

Putting the track suit, and all other fashion atrocities aside, I understand that while the clothing helps, it should add, not subtract from the act. For those that don't want elaborate Gaga-esque costumes or music instrument props for their shows, I recommend sticking to trendy yet comfortable separates that exude a subtly cool, confident quality. (Even if you just threw them 2 minutes before you got on stage)

Cool Comedian

Take 1

Shaun White Gridlock V-Neck Tee: $5.24

A.) This shirt will look good on every guy, and it's subtle enough that it won't overpower you, but it's cool enough that it adds to that "cool and confident" persona. B.) It's $5. You have to think about this? Really?

These jeans will look great on every guy, big or small. They're that perfect in-between shade of denim that is cool, relaxed, and perfect for bouncing around on stage (and still looking cool enough to get those numbers after the show)

Robert Wayne Trim Laceless Canvas Oxford: $24.94

Canvas Oxford slip-ons. Oh yes! This color will go with everything in any man's wardrobe, and still look cool without trying too hard.

Total: $50.17

And now you're ready for your next show! Knock 'em dead!


  1. Umm, comedy and fashion go together like gravy and peanut butter.

    And where do you find these things for so cheap?

  2. Obviously wearing Prada and vintage Valentino on stage isn't such a hot idea, but it's important to wear clothing that says "I know what I'm doing and I'm confident while doing it" rather than "I got dressed in the dark and was shoved on stage mid-dressing", unless it's part of the act.

    I have connections.