Sunday, August 8, 2010

Blitzy Bling Bliss

Good afternoon lovelies! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! Today, I am doing a post for one of my coworkers. He's informed me that he wants the forever arrangement with his girlfriend, but finding a ring within a reasonable price is proving difficult. Understandable, considering just one karat costs several hundred at least!!!!!

Being the kind of girl that I am, I don't believe in needing real stones to know that someone's commitment is real. Just so long as the ring is my style, that's all that matters. If the one who's asking to marry you doesn't know your style by now, you might want to rethink forever.

From the little he's told me about her, I gather her style is a bit more classic-chic, hence why today, I'm bringing more classic-chic rings with very affordable price tags!

Engagement Bling

$50 or Less

These are absolutely lovely. Stacked rings have this very cool, city vibe, but the appearance is still very classic.

Sterling Silver Princess CZ Bridal Engagement Ring Set: $20.75

Very classic, very stunning, everything a princess deserves and more.

Sterling Silver CZ Two-piece Ring: $32.99

This is beyond a statement piece. This and a thin hammered silver band with some funky earrings and you'll all set with jewelry. I'm not a diamond girl and even I would wear this.

AMAZING Internet Find

$50 or Less

Ladies Franz Boot in White: $45

I know this is very random and has nothing to do with engagement rings, but I saw these and thought about how PERFECT these are for right now. I hear a lot of girls saying how they have to put away their boots until the fall because the colors are too dark for the summer. WRONG. These white boots are absolutely perfect for summer all the way into fall. They'll go with everything, and be comfortable, like all boots are.

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