Sunday, August 29, 2010

Virgo Fashion: $50 or Less

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all have had an amazing week. I know mine was very busy preparing for the amount of birthdays coming up this month. Yessss, it is the beginning of the month of the Virgo. Actually, Virgo starts on the 23rd of August and ends the 23rd.

This month, my boyfriend's birthday is on the 3rd, a friend who's birthday is the 6th, mine is the 11th, and I have other friends who's birthdays are at the end of the month right at the end of the Virgo time line.
A Little about the Virgo
Aug. 23 - Sept. 23

Earthy. "Do it NOW". Logical.

Virgo Positive Traits

- Modest and shy
- Meticulous and reliable
- Practical and diligent
- Intelligent and analytical

Virgo Negative Traits

- Fussy and a worrier
- Overcritical and harsh
- Perfectionist and conservative

As a Virgo myself, I can't deny these traits are about 98% true. It's interesting though, since my boyfriend is a Virgo, and I've noticed a difference between the male vs. the female Virgo characteristics and which ones show through more strongly. Of course, it also dependent upon the day of the month that the individual is born. It's fascinating how the day, the hour, the month, it all plays a part in how some characteristics are more prevalent than others.
Virgo Style

Me, being a Virgo, I want to show off my sign, and not look like a 12 year-old while doing it. Hence why tonight, I am bringing you cool Virgo style, for all you hip hippie chicks/guys out there. Everything below is going to be gender-neutral purely because this doesn't just pertain to women.

Virgo Messenger Bag: $25.00

This bag is very cool and very practical. Definitely a Virgo bag.

Virgo Cuff links: $29.95

Virgo cuff links are subtle yet striking. These are very cool and very wearable by both men and women. If I owned button-up shirts, I'd wear these cuff links.

Virgo Laptop Skin: $19.95

One of the coolest laptop skins I've ever seen, period.

Virgo Dark T-shirt: $25.00

A very cool, not-cheesy way of showing off one's sign. Very gender neutral, very cool, very fashion-forward.

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