Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Shining light on Steampunk

Good evening lovelies! First off, I must say, F^$% YES on Prop 8 being overturned! Prop 8 can kiss my rainbow-colored a$$.

Next, I completely forgot to talk about something I saw at Comi-con until now. When I was at Comi-con and trying to find a place to sit and eat my lunch, I happened upon a bunch of people dressed in what seemed like garb right out of "Wild Wild West" or "Stardust". When I sat down next to a woman and asked her what she wearing, she replied "Steampunk". I had heard of it before, but I had thought it was a style of dress with every-day clothing, like Urban or Preppy. What I saw people wearing were full-on costumes with home-made devices. Turns out that Steampunk is actually a form of costuming. Those who are really into it meet each weekend and go out to a park or lunch somewhere, but those who are new to it like she was go to larger conventions when they come around and bring out their Steampunk wardrobe.

I won't lie, I fell head-over-heels in love Steampunk. I think I might just start costuming once I get some money, and some free time! I don't want to confuse anyone though as to why this is in my blog. I'm not trying to do a Steampunk costume for $50. I seriously don't think it's possible with the technology that comes along with it. I am, however, shining light on this amazing underground trend that I am so desperately in love with.


It's a little bit difficult to fully describe everything about Steampunk, but the creator of The Steampunk Home summed up Steampunk perfectly,

"I believe that Steampunk is more than just brass and watchparts. It's finding a way to combine the past and the future in an aesthetic pleasing yet still punkish way. It's living a life that looks old-fashioned, yet speaks to the future."

A steampunk watch.

Male and female steampunk costumes.

Devices with a futuristic appeal make steampunk, well, steampunk.

Anything with a Victorian feel rules.

Steampunk isn't just costuming though. There are magazines, animes, movies, novels, really anything you can think of and there is something of that nature with a Steampunk theme. I just recently found out that a steampunk ball is held in LA each year. There is, of course, steampunk jewelry which is more affordable. Here are a few examples of such jewelry:

Steampunk Jewelry
$50 or less

Midnite in Wonderland: $45.00

Steampunk Inspired Gearrings: $25.00

Steampunk Bracelet: $22.00

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