Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer Shades $50 or Less

(I apologize about Sunday night lovelies. Between trying to do several weeks worth of homework in advance and sorting through things preparing for my move, I completely forgot. I promise it won't happen again my lovelies!)

"You got designer shades just to hide your face...."

For anyone else who's currently obsessing over Mike Posner's hit single "Cooler than me", look no further, cause so am I. As I was driving home tonight and was listening to his hit, I realized that people are really obsessed with designer shades. Me, an individual who couldn't give two hoots about a label, I own a pair of Betsey Johnson glasses. Did I pay $300 for them though like the majority of shades out there?


Do I believe that you have to pay $300 to get a pair of amazing glasses to cruise around in?


That's why tonight, I'm bringing you some shades, just to hide your face, cause you wear 'em around like you're cooler than me.....

$50 or Less

Santa Clara Sunglasses: $11.99

These might provide the most coverage, but for $12, these glasses are so funky and so worth every penny.

Jessica Simpson Shield Sunglasses: $32.99

Designer chic without the designer price tag. Need I say more?

Unique Crystal Sunglasses: $27.00

So cool. So modern. So TopShop.

Ray Ban Mirror Lens Silver Frame: $40.00

I have the urge to watch Reno 911 from just looking at these bad boys. Next, I'll be wearing short shorts and riding a bike to work. One can only hope it doesn't get that far...

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