Sunday, September 19, 2010

Artist Appreciation: $50 or Less

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all had an amazing week, and none of you were sick. This week almost everyone I know (including myself) came down with a terrible cold. Thank goodness for vitamin c and lots of hot tea with honey! Also, Carrot Cashew Ginger soup. Sounds disgusting; tastes delicious.

Tonight, I am going to bring you some of my favorite artist's clothing and accessories. Next week though, I'm beyond excited because I have been given the opportunity to do another product review from the fantastic They're an online store that also had a warehouse in Boston that sells everything from shoes to end tables to Tupperware. They're incredibly diverse and everything they sell is an amazing find.

 Artist Appreciation

$50 or Less

An adorable t-shirt supporting one of the best bands of all time. As far as band tees go, this is honestly the most adorable tee I've ever seen.

I will never stop loving Billy Joel for as long as I live. His music is part of my life, part of my natural train of thought. He is a classic and still as thoroughly modern as Lady Gaga. Without the costumes.

Mr. Mraz is one of my favorite musicians hands down. I've seen him twice now, and one of those times was for free. He is an amazing humanitarian, an amazing musician, and he happens to grown avocados up in North County. Not that I've ever driven up there with the hopes of catching a glimpse of a fedora amidst the trees or anything...

A.) Their song "I heart California" is probably one of the catchiest songs you'll ever hear. B.) Who doesn't heart California?

Not many people I know know who M. Ward is. He is an incredibly talented musician with an unforgettable voice, and an unforgettable way of writing. "I used to feel like California/ with baby eyes so blue/ now I feel like Carolina/ I split myself in two"

The first song I heard of The Kills was "U.R.A Fever", and to be honest, I still have that song stuck in my head. Their beats are hypnotic and their sounds is unique. Besides, who can resist amazing buttons such as these??? Everyone needs funky buttons in their wardrobe. 

And unfortunately, though I couldn't find any clothing on the indie darling's Diane Birch's website, I was able to find an interview that Free People had done with the lovely Miss Birch, and the link is below. Oh, I love her style!!!!!

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