Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thrift Addict's 1 year anniversary

Good evening lovelies! For those that don't know much about the beginnings of Thrift Addict, I created this blog last year as birthday present to myself. I was sitting around going "I know I'm good at finding deals and sharing it with people, and I know I'm good with putting together outfits for people, I need to do something with this!" That's when I decided to create Thrift Addict. With some spare time the day before my 21st birthday last year, I created this blog. I realized yesterday during my 22nd birthday that it had been a year; so tonight, I am celebrating creation, of my blog, and others.

One of my best friends in the whole wide world, one of the best people that I know, one of the few people that I can laugh with into the night, the lovely and talented miss Valeria Mera, has FINALLY created her own blog. Miss Mera is a talented fashion designer who will soon be moving back to the beautiful NYC to make her mark on the world like only she knows how. For those that can't talk to her in person like I can, there is her blog to read and admire:

Fashion Re-Cycled


There is also the incredibly talented, incredibly intelligent comedian who goes by the name of Mr. Justin P. Drew. His blog has been around for a bit longer, so I am a little late in honoring it, but better late than never right? He is a genuinely funny individual, and I'm certain that everyone will agree when you go to his page and watch his acts. He also supports his friends who are also very funny comedians by putting their acts on his page as well. I could spend all day watching the acts on his page, and I'm sure you will too.

Justin P. Drew is a comedian


And of course, the lovely and talented miss Kimberely Burnett. Miss Kimico is a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day, and one of the people I've known for the longest time. She is one of my closest friends and another individual I can laugh with into the night. She rocks, and I'm sure once you read her personal and professional blogs, you'll agree.

Blogs from those I don't know

Then there is the fantastic video blog which got miss Mera inspired, as well as a little help from myself, ;]. This is a fantastic video blog on youtube. I adore them because they're always coming up with amazing ideas and featuring amazing artists.

And my personal favorite, Once Wed. I have spent hours on this site because it gives you ideas, not only for your wedding, but for every day things. It's absolutely amazing and adorable and honestly one of my all-time favorite blogs.

Once Wed

This is an amazing blog with a very gritty feeling which adds to the coolness of how the photos and information is presented. I love her vision of the world and the beauty. It's definitely a fantastic read.

GOOP is a site ran by the beautiful, talented, and oh so fantastic Gweneth Paltrow. I'd like to know how she manages to raise her children, keep her marriage alive, act, run her blog, and stay stunning. She's clearly a robot, or just never sleeps. Gweneth got a lot of heat for creating this site and there were some very nasty things said. Everything negative can just go poo poo itself.

While I find myself being quite good at being able to do a celebrity look for less, this site has it down to an art. This is a fantastic reference point for any trend, any look, any time.

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