Wednesday, September 3, 2014

$5 Jewelry Hack

When we moved into our apartment back in January, all of my jewelry was neatly sorted and hidden away in our closet to save space in our small room. Since I can't wear jewelry at my job, which is 5 days a week, I didn't need to worry about accessorizing my outfits. Even though during the week I can't wear jewelry, on the weekends I like to pile it on. However, I found the longer my baubles stayed stashed away from the work week, the less and less they began to see sunlight. Like that old saying goes, "Out of sight, out of mind" and soon my collection was sadly out of mind. While one would think that would be less to worry about, it made me unhappy that a major part of my wardrobe was collecting dust. 

At the time our walls were barren, and we didn't have the space to lay out all of my pieces horizontally like at our old apartment. I wanted to find a way to hang multiple necklaces and showcase other pieces all while using the same item. The search went on for good month until one Saturday a roommate and I decided to go thrifting at one of our favorite places for some unusual duds, but also to see if I could find something interesting that fit my needs.

About 20 minutes after walking in, I struck gold. It was $2 and very different - it caught my eye the moment I walked into the home section. Bare wood with an fun pattern and depth, it could easily house multiple rings. It could also be hung on a wall, and when I saw it, I immediately envisioned putting screws in the bottom to hang necklaces from.

The screws were $3 at Walmart, and they screwed in easily to the corners on the bottom. 

With a little imagination and $3, I turned a small wooden shelf into the perfect accessory holder. 

Now my accessories are showcased in style.

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