Sunday, September 28, 2014

The trouble with allergies

So today was going to be my very first video blog. I've been wanting to do video blogging for about a year but right when I was getting ready to take my blog from writing to video last year, my laptop decided to die. I am immensely grateful that for my birthday 2 weeks ago I received a beautiful brand new laptop with a built-in camera. So I'm doing my makeup about an hour and a half ago and I get hit with an lovely intense allergy headache. It came on so fast that the pressure that magically popped up behind my eyes actually made me start crying and I had to stop with my makeup. An hour and a half later after taking painkiller, I am still nowhere near able to make a video. It hurts a lot to look at the screen to type, but it hurts a lot more to talk because that's moving my jaw which is messing with my head. 

 Hopefully I'll be able to make my video Wednesday. Time to curl up with some hot tea with local honey and lemon.

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