Thursday, August 6, 2015

30 Days of Lips + Looks: Day 20 "No foundation foundation"

Day 20 "No foundation foundation" - Urban Decay Naked BB Cream + Cargo Picture Perfect CC Cream

Today was an experiment day for me, not with lip color, but with skin coverage. I was called into work unexpectedly so I didn't have time to do a full face, just a basic "cover-up and go". I use a primer, sometimes a BB cream if I need extra coverage, and ALWAYS my Buxom foundation. Honestly though, I wanted to play around and see if I could get more natural-looking coverage by layering different products. Normally I feel really like I'm wearing a lot and sometimes I want coverage without that heavy feeling. I wanted coverage in a lighter way that I could still use my concealer with today. I decided to try my Cargo CC cream for the first time under my Urban Decay Naked BB Cream. My skin definitely looked more natural, but my acne still showed through a bit more than usual which was tricky to cover up. I feel like you could still see my acne even with my concealer today. I like this combination, I just feel it would be better for days where I'm not having such a horrible breakout. 

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