Monday, August 10, 2015

30 Days of Lips + Looks: Day 21 "Good Intent Makeup Recreation"

Day 21 "Good Intent Makeup Recreation" - Calvin Klein/Bare Minerals


If any of you lovelies out there have heard of the amazing and talented artist Kimbra, then kudos to you, and if you haven't, she was the other half to the world-famous song "Somebody that I used to know". Yep, that women in the video is Kimbra. I've been obsessed with her for a few years now, and one of my favorite videos from her is "Good Intent". In the video her lover has essentially done her wrong and she's trying to decide whether or not to forgive him. Throughout the video she has her angel personality and her devil personality singing to her trying to sway her to each one's side. It's an amazing song and video, and her makeup/wardrobe in it is flawless. Her makeup is full glam in the video, so I decided to attempt to re-create the look from her "neutral" look, which is actually her. There is a "red" look which is the devil on her shoulder, and then there's the "white" look which is the angel on her shoulder, but the look her herself is wearing is black and very dark, smokey and stunning.

(I don't own vibrant magenta colors like what was used for her, I own softer to dark pinks/purples, but nothing vibrant like what's on her lids, so I used different colors for my recreation. I didn't go as dark with my eyebrows because they're so big when I go too dark it doesn't look right)

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