Tuesday, August 11, 2015

30 Days of Lips + Looks: Day 22 "No Makeup Makeup"

Day 22 "No Makeup Makeup" - NARS

When I do my normal full-face routine for work, I layer certain products to hide all of my acne and scarring. My "work professional" routine in the last 2 years has transitioned from "5-minute natural" to "15-minute cake-baking" with the amount of product I have to use to cover discoloration, acne, etc. It's a lot for every day, and today I decided to experiment and try to revamp my "5-minute natural" routine so that I feel comfortable enough wearing it to work. This is the result, and as you can see some of my acne and light scarring is still showing through, but I look pretty even as far as my coloring is concerned which is a major plus. No eyeshadow, just super basic with blush, a touch of contour, some pretty gloss, light mascara and natural highlighting.

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