Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eclipse Wolf & Heart Bracelet

Good morning lovelies! I hope you all have enjoyed the new Twilight Saga movie: Eclipse. After watching it, I am proud to say that thus far, Summit has done an amazing job making sure that the movies follow the books, almost to a tee. Unlike Harry Potter and Blood & Chocolate, one can walk into a Twilight Saga movie and be quite pleased with how they've brought it to the big screen (given that you've read the books, of course)

Today, in celebration of the new Eclipse movie, I am bringing you the infamous wolf & heart bracelet for less than $50.

Jacob gives Bella a silver bracelet with a wolf charm on it as a graduation present. Later on in the book, Edwards adds a beautiful heart-shaped crystal to it; a reminder of his love for her, as well as a graduation present.

Bella's Charm Bracelet

Bella Carved Wood Wolf & Crystal Heart Bracelet: $45.00

This one is honestly my favorite one out of all the options that I saw. I love how striking the wooden wolf is against the silver bracelet and the crystal heart. I also love the design of the bracelet, it's really just a lovely piece, and any Twilight fan will squeel in delight when they see the gorgeous bracelet on your wrist!

Solid Sterling Silver bracelet - Swarovski Crystal Heart and wolf: $40.00

This one is my second favorite. I love the fact that the bracelet is sterling silver, and this wolf is actually more accurate to the book and movie because Jacob's wolf pendant he made himself from silver. I really love the heart pendant on this bracelet as well.

There you have it lovelies! Enjoy!

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