Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Men's Corner

Good evening lovelies! Tonight would've officially ended the contest, but I just realized I wrote the wrong email address in last week's post! I'm so sorry lovelies! Because of that, I will give you all another week who didn't have enough time, and for those of you to re-email your entries to to the correct email address. The one I provided is my main one, and most likely your entries went to the spam folder.

The correct email address is: Make sure to put in the title of the email "Trends & Contests".

Sorry again lovelies! I just realized my blunder tonight as I signed in!

Tonight though, I am giving props to the men by showcasing some of my favorite men's swim suits for $50 or less. Now, I know it's very limited with men's styles. It's essentially short or long board shorts and different prints, but I'm bringing you the coolest prints, as well as some funky swimming tops too!

Men's Swimming Trunks

$50 or less

TYR Peace & Harmony Trainer: $31.95

Now, I know what you're thinking. "Clearly, this woman is on crack, cause those are some short shorts." This is true. They are, but men, these shorts are AWESOME! I wish I saw more men with confidence enough to wear these. I see guys with awesome bodies wearing baggy clothes and ill-fitting board shorts. STOP IT. I know this is more like a leap outside of your comfort zones rather than a step, but I'm telling you, confidence is sexy, and these shorts scream confidence.

TYR Alliance Team Poly Splice - Male Splice Square Leg: $41.00

This is a more comfortable middle length for a swim bottom. Men, please step out of your comfort zone. I've never seen a guy with bad legs. I know that you have appearance complexes too, but you're always telling us that we're beautiful no matter what, so men, try these shorts, cause you're awesome no matter what.

This length of swim trunks is the most popular one. This is definitely the comfort zone, for all men. I see all guys, all shapes and sizes wearing this length. This is why I chose a fun and funky print. Men, I see you wearing stripes and plain colors all the time. Step it! WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE! SHA NA NA NA NA NA!

Men's Swimming Tops

Tommy Bahama: Bali High Tide T-Shirt: $38.00

This, which it has no specific design purpose, is Tommy Bahama, which means it's excellent quality, it's going to look amazing on, and is just all around perfect for the beach, or swimming, or just looking casually sexy in. Yes guys, you can look sexy too. Deal with it.

Oakley Square O Rashguard: $42.00

This fantastic top is specifically designed against heat rash, which I personally wish they would make more in women's styles. I wish I was one of those lucky people that never gets heat rash, but I always do, around my neck too. Ok Oakley, make some cute rash guard tees for women please!

Dakine Guys' L/S Off Shore Rashguard: $42.95

For those of you that are into a bit more protection, this long-sleeved version provides excellent protection against the harsh UV rays, and is very stylish as well. Might be a bit warm, but hey, no pain, no gain!

And there you have it lovelies! Remember, you have an extra week for the contest because I'm silly and running on 3 hours of sleep after having been going for nearly 24 hours.

How do I do it you ask? Willpower. Sheer willpower. Oh, and lots of tofu.

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