Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The figure-friendly 6-pack

G00d evening lovelies! Tonight I am leaving for Ventura, but before I leave, I shall bring you all some lovely things!

I was reading online and found a recent article about 6 trends that you should invest in. I feel like these trends are very accurate for the summer, since I'm seeing them everywhere.

For tonight's post, I will bring you wallet-friendly versions of all of these trends all right here, so look no further!

6 Trends for $50 or less

Trend #1: Breezy Scarf

Feel like wearing something like and airy, yet don't feel like toting along a little sweater? The breezy scarf is the answer to every girl's accessory dilemma. Throw one on and watch as your outfit is transformed from cool to envious.

Staring at Stars Shimmering Oblong: $9.99

Antique Scissor Scarf (Hollywood Pink): $32.00

Trend #2: Fedora

Hats are awesome. There's no other way to put it. A cool fedora is a cool way to get shade from the sun and wear a cool accessory.

Polystraw Fedora Hat-Pink: $9.99

Floral Printed Trilby Hat: $44.00

Trend #3: Neon Watch

I don't wear watches, but if i did, it'd be one of these. Definitely the Mario or Flamingo one. Ooo, that pink would go with my green dress....

Super Mario Watch: $3.99

Too Late - Watch in a jar: $15.00

Flamingo Pink Retro Style Watch: $23.00

Trend #4: Bright Handbag

These are super fun and definitely not for the timid. They make a bold statement and the perfect accessory for any outfit. It's all about the bag.

Teal and Purple Sequin Hobo Bag: $11.98

Whitney Handbag in Neon Pink: $30.00

Trend #5: Nude Heels

These are absolutely essential. A pair of nude heels goes with EVERYTHING. If you think "I don't have any shoes that will go with this" yes, you do. Nude heels. They elongate the legs and make them look slimmer. Trust me, you'll need a pair eventually.

Liliana Kathy Round Toe Pump: $21.80

Unlisted by Kenneth Cole Secret File Pump: $49.00

Trend #6: Classic Trench Coat

This is a very important trend to invest in. A good trench can be the cherry on top of the cake and pull together any look, no matter how many different trends you're wearing at once.

Marseille Stroll Light Trench Coat: $46.99

Twill Trench Coat: $39.80

Until Sunday lovelies!

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