Sunday, April 11, 2010

Betty Belts in WWD!

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all had an amazing week! My new quarter started and I went up to my mothers to help Donna Von Hoesslin, the owner of Betty Belts.

Betty Belts is a retail and wholesale establishment that sells to retail stores all over the country, and also has it's own retail location in the lovely Ventura, CA.

Donna started Betty Belts in 2003, named after beach betties and the surf culture she loves, lives, and breathes on a daily basis. Everything that Donna sells is either hand-made in Bali by local artisans or by community artists that sell through her store. All of the products are made from recycled or organic materials. She donates a percentage of her profits to organizations that are dedicated to the beautification and preservation of our communities and beaches.

I adore Betty Belt's products because I can wear them and have confidence from knowing that I am supporting the community and high-quality, hand-made products. These are the kinds of accessories that we should be wearing, not the stuff made in sweatshops in China.

The reason why I am bringing up the wonderful Donna and Betty Belts is, not only because I worked for her this past week, but because her accessories have been chosen to be used in Women's Wear Daily. Yes, you read correctly, on April 21st, accessories and jewelry from Betty Belts will be featured on the cover, as well as in a 4-page spread in the magazine.

Make sure to check it out April 21st!

For now, I will bring you some of my favorite things from Donna for under $50

Betty Belts for under $50


Shawn Ovals Cuff: $34.00

The last time I was up at Donna's store, I still had some credit left and I decided to use it. I got a black version of this bracelet, thanks to Donna's urging, and let me just say, I get compliments every time I wear it. It goes with everything, and lends a nice dose of cool without making it impossible to pair it with other jewelry.

Lotus Earrings: $48.00

I bought these for my mother and she wears them all the time. They go with EVERYTHING. Yes, my mother is a hippie, but she also has a bit more of a more east-coast, mature style. These earrings are not just for the youngin's, they are for everyone, and look great on every individual with every style. I borrowed them for one of my funky outfits and they worked, and they also work with my mother's Ralph Lauren polo t-shirts and jeans. These are just wonderful, period.

Simple Sea Glass Necklace: $48.00

I am more of a statement piece girl, I will admit this. The bigger and bolder, the better. I would wear a live peacock on my head if I could manage it. I got an amazing, massive sea glass pendant from Donna, and every time I wear it, i will get people oogling it and asking me where I got it and how they can get one. Trust me when I say, everyone should own at least ONE amazing pendant made of sea glass. It will compliment every outfit, dressy, casual, retro, modern. Sea glass is timeless. Period.


Lines Leather Unisex Cuff: $34.00

The thing that I truly love about Betty Belts is that they not only have things for women, but also for men. The men's pieces aren't boring, but exciting and modern, yet still very wearable. I bought my boyfriend a wallet made of recycled hemp from Betty Belts and he uses it all the time. Men, look no further, no matter your style, Donna has something for you!

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