Sunday, April 18, 2010

Swimsuit Edition - Women

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all had a fantastic week. Mine was filled with friends, fun, and homework, as always.

Tonight, I have a special post for you all. One of my good friends and I were talking the other day, and she expressed her frustration at the lack of affordable, cute swimsuits. This is one frustration I share 150%. Being a bigger girl too, it is ESPECIALLY difficult to find cute suits within an affordable price range.

This is why tonight, I will bring you some of the cutest suits I've found for $50 or less
Swimsuit Edition

$50 or Less


Animal Splash Monokini: $19.80

This swimsuit truly caught my eye. You don't necessarily have to have the perfect stomach for this. All you really need is some nice love-handles, and even if you have a little tummy, it'll be camouflaged by the print and the way it's cut. Genius. And, it's all once piece! You don't have to worry about mixing and matching! YAAAYYY!!!! Swimsuits for the lazy girls!

Billabong Gabriella Bikini Top: $19.99

This print is just awesome. For all you girls out there that can rock this itty bitty teeny weeny string bikini, you suck.

Billabong Gabriella Bikini Bottom: $19.99

Roxy Running Wild Reversible Bikini Halter Top: $16.99

The print on this is just fierce, and will make a strong statement. I feel like this particular swimsuit top looks like it gives more support, so if you girls are like me, and just...blessed on top, this is definitely for you. Nothing like a halter to hold up the girls.

Roxy Running Wild Bikini Tie Bottom: $16.99


Merona® Women's Floral Print 2 Piece Swimsuit - Black/Purple: $39.98

This you will probably see me rocking down by the water. I like short bottoms or skirt bottoms purely because, well, I have thighs. My upper thighs, no matter how hard I work them, they are persistent and hold on to me like no other. Skirt bottoms camoflauge any upper thigh problems, make your butt look bigger, and are just all around cute. Tankini tops are also my very bestest friend because I have a tummy. Tankinis are the perfect solution to someone who wants to be covered up while swimming, yet still look damn fine. Besides, this suit is just damn cute. Purple and black? GENIUS!

Not to worry to all you men out there! Wednesday, I will do a special blog post for you guys showing the coolest men swimsuits so you all can go out in style with some cash still left in your wallets!

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