Monday, April 26, 2010

Awesome Things

Good evening lovelies! I do apologize about not updating last night; amidst the chaos of my boyfriend's nephew's 6th birthday and my laptop deciding it wanted to take a nap instead of let me install necessary programs updates, I forgot.

Tonight will be a quickie. Sometimes a quickie keeps things fresh.

Tonight, I will bring you some awesome coupons/deals/awesome things I have found.

Coupons/Deals/Awesome things
$50 or less

20% off next purchase code - welcome1013

20% off next handbag purchase code - 20HB

Friends & Famly 25% off next purchase code - APRFF

Awesome Stuff to Check Out


Civil Smith - Awesome, casual, fun apparel
Tejana - Gorgeous jewelry that needs to be worn

I just discovered this literally while typing the previous paragraph of this post. AMAZING BOOTS! OH MY GOD I WANT THEM!................NOW!


Also, LiaMolly is having a sample sale at for up to 45% off. This is the website for it:

Really gorgeous, adorable clothing at very affordable prices with this sample. I recommend checking it out before it ends on Wednesday!!!!!!

Don't forget lovelies, the contest ends Wednesday! Make sure you're sending me your pictures so you can win the awesome prizes!

Also, just as a fun little thing completely unrelated to fashion; Jamba Juice is having $2 granola Wednesdays! YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS! I'm not a Jamba girl, but I'm a granola girl, and I will salute to $2 granola!

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