Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Trends & Contests

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all have had an amazing week!

In celebration of Donna's amazing news of getting put in WWD, I'm doing a special contest in her honor.

Not to worry lovelies, I know the last contest was very confusing and I apologize for that. This one is very fun and easy, and the prizes are fantastic!

The lovely Donna is giving away these lovely prizes to the lovely winner:

Retail Value: $32.00

The lucky winner will receive this belt in brown.

Sulu Bracelet

Retail Value: $16.00

The lucky winner will also receive this belt in brown to match the fabulous belt.

These pieces are excellent for the summer, with a breezy dress or a cool pair of shorts and a t-shirt. These will go with anything and look stunning and chic, and totally beach-appropriate.

Easy Breezy Beautiful Contest

Yes lovelies, this contest is fun AND easy!

In my previous posts, I've spoken about the predicted trends for this year, the trends for the season, the trends for body types, etc.

All I do is talk, talk, talk! I'd like to hear from you all about what YOU like!


All you have to do to enter the contest is take a picture of a trend that you really like, love, your favorite, or maybe one that you just saw that caught your eye. It doesn't have to be one that I've mentioned previously in my blog, it can be any trend!

It can be a picture of something in a window, something someone else is wearing, or even something you love wearing and you just wanted to snap it.

The clearer the picture, the better for you! Once you have a clear picture of a particular trend you love, just write about why you love that trend, or why it caught your eye, or why you feel comfortable wearing it, etc. Just support the reasoning behind choosing that trend.

You don't have to write a whole 5 page essay (Please, for my sake, between school and work, don't >.<), but I will say at LEAST 2-3 sentences as to why that is the trend you want to show me. The purpose for this is because: Whoever has the best persuasion will get the FANTASTIC belt and bracelet combination, but I will also showcase their trend for $50 or less in the following blog post.

All entries must be sent to:

The contest starts now and ends in exactly 1 week, on Wednesday the 21st. All entries must be emailed to me by midnight on the 21st.

All entries MUST INCLUDE:

- First and last name
- A clear picture of the trend you have chosen
- A written explanation of why you like that trend or why I should showcase it.
- Your home address

I will notify whoever wins the day after the contest ends and I will ship the prizes the following Monday if shipping applies to the winner.

Go lovelies, go go go!

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