Monday, January 16, 2012

The Endless Debate

Hello lovelies! Not to worry, I'm not talking about politics on a budget today, I'm talking about an interesting conversation I had this morning that I've been having ever since I went in to fashion nearly 6 years ago: materialistic vs. realistic. 

I understand not everyone understands the fashion industry in the same way, and that's good; if we all were experts of the same thing that would be really boring. Frustration though always seems to ensue whenever friends and I get on to the subject. "I don't participate in fashion" a friend once told me. I couldn't help but recite the scene from "The Devil Wears Prada" where Meryl Streep verbally knocked the heels off of Anne Hathaway's character by explaining how by her "not participating in fashion" she is actually a big part of the fashion cycle.

The Devil Wears Prada
My conversations with friends as of late though have been more along the lines of "I don't like the materialistic aspects of fashion", which I can understand. It has become less about morals and more about selling to meet the goal, no matter the destruction along the way. I stand firm when I say that I will always be a REAListic fashion blogger as opposed to a MATERIAListic one.

Is that dress in the window at Nordstrom's beautiful? Of course, but will it work with my lifestyle? Will it work with my wardrobe? Will it meet both my style needs as well as my wallet's needs? If not, then don't convince yourself you can afford it if you cut here and scrimp there. With every single purchase I want you to ask yourself whether you're being REAListic or MATERIAListic. If you already have 20 pairs of earrings in a similar style, you don't need a 21st pair. Even if it's only $1, save it and spend it on something REAListic; like a pair of jeweled flats that work with every outfit for work AND play.

It is important to understand the cycle that retailers and consumers are constantly swept up in, but also remember that treating yourself every now and again is just as necessary as leaving that 21st pair of earrings right where it is.

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