Thursday, January 5, 2012

Personal Project: How to make something new again

Last week I went down to the thrift stores by me to try to find a 1920's dress for a Prohibition-themed party that we never ended up going to New Year's Eve. Despite being too tired to actually go to the party the day of, I came out a winner because I found 2 fantastic items at the Good Will, each for only $2.50.

The first piece was a very adorable and very 1930's feeling wallet purse, specifically looking like it was from  one of my favorite movies,"Fried Green Tomatoes".The purse is by the name brand Bally, and probably cost somewhere between $60-$80 brand new. For such a small purse, it fits every single necessity beautifully, save for my keys, which I just clip to the strap and then i'm good to go. it holds all my cards, phone, mirror, and even square-tubed lip gloss without breaking a sweat. There's a zipper pouch for change and the straps snap on or off, which is always a bonus.

Wallet Purse

The colors and pattern is classic yet neutral, and overall it lends a far more masculine feel to an outfit, which is wonderful considering most of my clothing and accessories are extremely feminine. This will inject much needed structure into my wardrobe.

1930's - print dress

Personal Project

This is the second piece that I purchased, and one I am incredibly excited about. This print makes me feel like I'm the girl in "The Lover", another period movie, and instead of the old silk dress she favors, I'm wearing this. The back of this dress has 2 strings that you tie together to adjust it to your size. My plan for this floor-length dress is to take it up to just below mid-thigh length. Despite the popular trend of longer, floor-length dresses, I'm a very short girl, so the shorter the dress, the longer my legs look which means the less stumpy I look. I'm also going to remove the shoulder pads and remove the strings from the back, which will make this dress hang on me, but allow me to cinch it in with the funky leather belts that I have.

With the extra fabric I'm going to create some funky hair bow clips, or even possibly a fun skirt if I have enough fabric. Pictures will follow as soon as this project is finished!

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