Friday, January 13, 2012

Mood: Versace meets Blue Ivy

Mood: Versace meets Blue Ivy

In celebration of Beyonce's latest hit, her baby Blue Ivy, and just feeling a darker winter mood coupled with seeing Versace's H&M pieces sprinkled throughout the internet, I decided to create a party look that could very easily go from the office to a party with just switching out a piece or two. Instead of wearing a sweater, I love the idea of wearing a lacy, see-through shirt over a leather bodycon dress. Layering with lace is making a huge wave right now for all style tribes, so this particular outfit might not be your favorite, but it's a fun trend to try once you find the color combination and proportions that work for you and your lifestyle.

While I am a Thrift Addict, I used these pieces simply to show inspiration. I would never own a $1000+ dress, so do not fret, I am only showing these pieces to act as muses. Maybe there is a shop down the street from you that has a faux leather dress for less than $50 that looks amazing on you? Get it! Don't be afraid to try new things and draw inspiration from what's around; just make sure you shop wisely!

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