Monday, January 9, 2012

Plaid Promises: $50 or Less

Hey lovelies, despite the pretty weather outside right now, it's still winter, which means that plaid is still in VERY high fashion. Tonight, I want to bring you a few pieces that are just right for your wallet and will be sure to brighten your winter mood, if the warmer weather hasn't already.

Plaid for the perfect price

$50 or Less

Considering the fact that red pants are a major trend right now, this is the perfect purchase since plaid never goes out of style, and you're hitting on a trend right now that you can wear again and again.

Very winter-in-New-England feeling. If only I had owned these when I lived in New England. Never too late though, right?

Just the perfect change purse in the most perfect set of neutral colors.

Simply fantastic.

The coolest shade of plaid, in a rain boot!

This looks so toasty and comfortable. Perfect for nights in reading Poe by the fire.

Very sexy school teacher. Insert ruler here.

The coolest prep school brooch without the expensive books and uniforms.

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