Monday, January 2, 2012

Jumpstarting with JewelMint: Product Reviews

Hey lovelies! I've done more than one post in the past few months about JewelMint, a company that I am head-over-jewelry box for, and that I recently discovered has offices near LA, but bear with me while I do another. It is my goal for JewelMint to be my future job, but for right now, it is the company that I watch endlessly and pine for my next fix from.

A few weeks ago I received an email coupon for JewelMint to get a piece for $8.99 instead of the standard $30.00 per piece. Immediately I purchased a pretty bauble called the Midas Ring, a gold disc with multi-colored stones running down the center. It came a few days later, and to my dismay it wasn't as striking in person as it was on the screen. I immediately packaged it up and sent it back, emailing them to let them know I wanted the Metal Mosaic Ring instead. Any piece that acquires a permanent place in my jewelry collection needs to be unique and striking as my style is bold and dainty pieces/subtle pieces just won't do. Luckily for me, second time was the charm, and I found myself in awe when the Metal Mosaic ring came to my door.

Even Gumby likes the Metal Mosaic Ring.

Overall Review: The Metal Mosaic Ring is worth every penny spent. It is a comfortable, beautiful piece of jewelry that will work with any outfit. 

I was so happy with the Metal Mosaic ring that when I received an email a week ago about the WonderMint Mystery Bag, a surprise bag that contains 2 random pieces of jewelry, coupons for all the Mint sites, and potentially an Ipod, Ipod Nano or other electronics for the price of one piece, I decided to take a leap of faith. As I have always been the personal shopper and never the shop-ee, I was a touch nervous when my WonderMint Mystery Bag was waiting for me when I came home today.

Disappointingly, I found no electronics, and the only coupon was a 10% off my next purchase from JewelMint despite the site guaranteeing substantial coupons for every Mint site. Strike 1. Then slid out the 2 black velvet jewelry pouches. The first pouch contained a bracelet called the Soleil Bracelet, which looks lovely online, but in person felt very cheap and like it would fall apart after a few wears. Strike 2. The second pouch contained the Le Beau Necklace. I fell in love the minute I laid eyes on it. Online, it looks very dainty and not particularly striking, but in person it makes you feel rough and tough, yet feminine and sweet at the same time; a keeper. No strike 3, but I wouldn't recommend taking your chances buying the WonderMint Mystery Bag unless you just want 2 pieces for the price of 1 and a 10% off coupon. If you purchase the WonderMint bag, they choose 2 random pieces of jewelry for you, and those pieces aren't from your showroom. Whatever styles they have excesses of, you get 2 of. While I'm happy to have been sent something that wasn't in my showroom, I'm not happy about being let down from the other parts.

Overall Review: Skip the wondering and just wait for a coupon code for an individual piece and purchase the Le Beau Necklace by itself. You'll save yourself the hassle of probably not getting one or even two pieces you'll want to keep.

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