Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Day: New Years Resolutions

Happy Sunday lovelies; I hope all your hangovers have now fully gone away and your day was filled with merriment and severe relaxation after all the festivities last night.

It is now a new year, and due to the underwhelming lack of material in my blog over the last part of this year, it is a new year and now a new kind of blogging for me. It is my goal to aim to post as often as possible about as much as I possibly can, as opposed to the twice a week that has been my standard since I created this blog. After watching one of my favorite bloggers, Andy Torres, talk on Ted Talks in Amsterdam, I am taking a note from her and going to do more "ego blogging", or posting more pictures of myself in the outfits i put together. While I can always find wonderful deals online and in thrift stores, how do these trends actually look wear? How do they look on my body type as compared to a slim dress form or a stick figure model?

Andy Torres: Ted Talks

This year you will see me, Ashley Davis, as I am taking you through my daily travels and how I find a way to make my wardrobe work in my living situation, and my clothes work in my life. This is now not just about being a thrift addict and finding the best deals, but how those deals will work in your personal wardrobe and how to wear them once they're out of the dressing room and in your fitting room to make the most out of every piece.

You will not see me toting around an Hermes Berkin bag or shopping at Louis Vuitton. You are going to see a real girl with very real, attainable style.

New Year's Nice

**Great Customer Service**

One thing I will say out of everything that's happened this year thus far (not much to go on just yet, haha) is that the spirit of giving is contagious.

Last year during the holiday season and all the free shipping websites were giving, I hopped onto Nasty Gal and looked at their sale. A ring I had been checking out for over a month was finally at a price I could live with: $5. Combined with free shipping, it was a no-brainer and I immediately purchased the pretty bauble. 2 days after purchasing I received an email stating that my order had been cancelled because the item was no longer in stock.

Confused, I went back to the website and to add to my confusion, I saw the piece still being offered in the Sale section. I shrugged it off thinking "Well, I guess someone hasn't gotten around to taking down that ring's page yet" and decided that my $5 was better in my account than on my finger, but it did leave my a touch leary about recommending Nasty Gal.

This morning I was checking my email and found an email entitled "Nasty Gal Gift Card" sent to me from the Customer Service department. Opening it up, I found a sincere apology about my order being cancelled, and a $20 gift card gifted to me for the inconvenience. 

Excellent customer service Nasty Gal; keep it up! <3

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