Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th Fashion

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all aren't sweltering in the heat and are under a tree somewhere enjoying some tasty bbq!

I had originally agreed to do tonight's post on some fun musician fashion, but I've decided to push that to Wednesday and celebrate red, white & blue today!

Instead of my usual finding outfits online for $50 or less, I've decided instead to pull from my own wardrobe and show you all 3 different ideas for whatever you might be up to for the rest of your fun day!

Whether it be a party, a cookout, a family gathering, I have devised 3 different outfits for you to look at, and hopefully be inspired by! You might notice some sailor-esque influences in these outfits. Even if it's not necessarily your typical style, it works perfectly for the 4th, and almost anyone can wear these styles.

My 3 outfits

$50 or less

Shoes: $1/Skirt: $7/Tank: $7/Belt: $5/Purse: Free/Ring: $15/ Total: $35

For those who are super confident that they won't spill anything on themselves, this all-white outfit is for you. I have, on one occasion, worn this outfit, with different accessories, but I made sure I went nowhere near food. Buuuuuuuut, all white is very fun and confident, and totally summer-appropriate, so I hope this inspires you!

Purse: $7/ Shoes: $2/Dress: $5/ Ring: $15/ Ring: $4/ Total: $33

I'm a bigger girl, but just because I'm bigger doesn't mean that stripes always work against me. Don't be afraid to try stripes!

Shoes: $2/ Jeans: $5/ Purse: $7/ Ring: $15/ Ring: $4/ Tank top: $3/ Polka Dot top: Free/ Necklace: Free/ Total: $36

This is more of my "want to look cute while feeling not so well" outfit. It also happens to work perfectly for the 4th. This might be more popular since it consists mostly of darker colors. I adore using accessories as my main way of making statements with the outfits. I've dressed this top in a very different way, but it works to go sailor/retro-esque with my pompadour, skinny jeans, retro purse and funky shoes. Don't be afraid to mix & match and try different things. Hence why I've posted these outfits, inspiration! You could be the most creative person in the world, but you can always learn something new from someone else!

And there you have it lovelies! This coming Wednesday, I will do a musician's look for $50 or less. You'll have to come back to read to find out who, =P.

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