Sunday, July 25, 2010

Product Review:

Good morning lovelies! I usually post at night, but since I am helping my friend style her photoshoot in a little while and I had some extra time, I figured i'd give you lovelies all day to see my product review and decide for yourselves.

As you all know, I have done a contest with before, but this time I decided to review 2 of their AMAZING products offered on their website.

Product Review

$50 or Less

Clark and Mayfield Hawthorne Laptop Sleeve in Black: $14.99

This is absolutely AMAZING. I was very nervous at first because I thought it wouldn't fit my laptop and that I would have to send it back. PSYCH. It fit my baby (and I have a BIG baby) perfectly! It looks so beautiful and luxurious, I recommend it for everyone. It's made of a very strong yet cool-looking material, and the design is just stunning, it's not going to fall apart easily. I'm sooo happy I chose this one.

Rating: 5/5

Ducti Sail Women's Hobo Bag in Gold: $13.99

When I first saw this online, it intrigued me because of the design and I thought that this would be a very interesting buy. I got it, pulled it out of the package, and saw how small it actually is. My heart sunk immediately because the size of this purse is very deceiving. I saw it and thought "crap, i'll only be able to fit my cell phone and lip gloss in this tiny thing". Of course, as a good scientist, I pushed on and brought out my much larger tan shoulder purse that I've been using for over a year now ( this purse looks like a shrimp compared to my tan one just to paint a picture). I took out everything from my tan purse (which was bulging because I'm like a mini CVS; i carry everything) and i was able to fit EVERYTHING from my tan purse into this much smaller canvas one.

I'm not kidding, this purse holds EVERYTHING. What doesn't fit in the belly very easily fits into the side and front pockets.

For the construction of this purse, it is incredibly well-made. I demand a lot from my purses because I abuse them. I don't mean to, but being my purse means you better be able to be thrown around and stuffed and shoved, it's not pretty. I put this thing through some abuse. I brought it into work, threw it around, I brought it with me to Comi-con, still beautiful. The fact that it's made out of a very thick, durable canvas really makes it. The pockets are amazing. The two front ones have very heavy metal and rope attached, so they're not going to be flying up at the slightest breeze. I had very important things in the front, and they never once fell out.
The side pockets have magnets to keep the flaps down because they don't have anything else on them. In the front, there are little ring things, so you can attach your keys or whatever you want to the front if for some reason they can't fit inside the monster of the purse's belly.

As far as the appearance, this purse is not my style by any means. I ordered it because I wanted to go outside of my usual comfort zone. I love the hardware and the stitching detail. The overall canvas design is very very cool. I love the lettering on the inside of the strap, but i do wish it was on the outside so everyone else could see it. That would be really really cool.

I love the rope that holds down the front flaps on the inside, but I wish that they had somehow incorporated more rope on the outside of the purse somewhere. The duct tape thing down the front holding the rings; very convenient, but I wish that they had used a different material. The duct tape gives a very cheap feeling to it.

Aside from that, everything else about this purse is amazing. I asked the opinions of my coworkers and friends about this purse. Even though most of them said it wasn't there style, they were able to comment on the details and say how cool the pockets were, the stitching, the hardware, etc. The details in this purse are definitely appreciated.

Rating: 4/5

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