Sunday, July 18, 2010

Youth in Revolt

Good evening lovelies! Very exciting news, I will doing a product review for I will hopefully be able to do the review by next Sunday. If not a week from tonight, then it will have to be the following Wednesday.

Tonight though, I've decided to do something a bit different. When I was spending time with my friends earlier, we were watching "Hey, Arnold!" and "Rocko's Modern Life", and I was brought back to when I was a little kid. Thus, tonight, I've decided to put together a funky outfit for all the little funky girls out there!

I won't lie, I've always had a theory that little kids have the coolest clothes. Doing tonight's blog did nothing to prove me wrong. In fact, it only made me believe it even more.
Youth in Revolt
$50 or Less

Shirred U-Neck T: $9.99

Absolutely adorable and perfect for a little girl running around.

Denim Cut-off Shorts: $14.99

The perfect summer short.

Retro Bowling Shoes: $2.49

Adorable and a throwback to 1950's Rockabilly.

Trendy Little Girls Hot Pink Belt: $7.99

Adorable and adds a nice pop of color in the outfit.

Sterling Silver Child's Teddy Bear Earrings: $12.09

Adorable and very child-like while still working together perfectly with the other pieces.

Total: $47.55

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