Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dress like Coldplay for $50

Good evening lovelies! For those that know me, the title of this post is a bit odd. This is because I can't stand Coldplay's music. I won't lie, Chris Martin's voice gives me a headache. Their music, not so hot. Their clothing, very hot.

While I may not enjoy their music, I can admit without hesitation that the boys know how to dress. They don't dress particularly richly. I'm certain they wear labels since they are a world-renowned band and have millions of dollars, but what I mean is that, even though I'm beyond positive they wear labels, they don't wear them in such a way that they feel unattainable. They wear their clothing in a way that is very approachable and low-key, which is a really nice thing to see, especially for such a famous band.

Tonight, I will be bringing you a collaborative Coldplay outfit, that captures the essence of Coldplay fashion.

Quintessential Coldplay

Lightweight Twill Shirt: $14.99

Notice the boys have a darker, more neutral color palette. Sometimes they will throw in accessories with brighter colors, but for the most part, they dress in a darker, more neutral color palette. Also, they love button-ups.

Marc Ecko Cut & Sew Jeans: $14.99

The boys love their dark-wash jeans. I can't blame them. Dark wash looks great on everyone, and they know it.

Hi-Top Woodland Camo Sneakers: $11.49

Don't know if anyone's noticed, the Coldplay boys like sneakers, but not just any sneakers, Converse-style sneakers. I think these camo are a fun and very low-key alternative to the standard black-and-white style.

Men's 1-inch leather wrist band: $9.79

I love the accessories i've seen them wear. I recommend this bracelet, and then taking some random yarn pieces and tying them around your wrists, as I've seen the boys wear in many a photos. Coupled with a bracelet like this, it will look very, very cool, like Coldplay cool.

Total: $51.26

Ok, yes, it is a little over $50, but since a large majority of men out there like Coldplay, I think the extra $1.26 is worth it. That's just me though.

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