Thursday, July 23, 2015

30 Days of Lips + Looks: Day 10 "Baked and Bronze-y"

Day 10 "Baked and Bronze-y" - Smashbox "Copper Remix"

This was my first time in my life attempting to bronze: I've watched countless tutorials, I can practically recite them in my sleep about which products, how to apply and where to apply, and yet I've never used it because quite honestly, bronzing has never appealed to me. I've never held a tan very well in my life so I embrace my paleness and I don't feel the need to fake a tan. I did however wanted to push myself and so today I decided to do all-over bronze: bronze eyes, bronze lipgloss and bronze face. I'm a "Go big or go home" kind of a girl, so I sort of bathed in the bronze-ness today. 

The ironic thing though is that this gloss gives the slightest hint of sheer bronze - it's not very pigmented once on the lips, so it just looked like a natural clear gloss. The bronzer I used was Bare Minerals and I feel like it warmed up my face nicely. One the eyes was a smudge of two colors from Too Faced.

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