Monday, July 27, 2015

30 Days of Lips + Looks: Day 14 "Effie Meets Bowie"

Day 14 "Effie Inspired" - Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics "Authentic"

So last night while in bed I decided to browse through Pinterest (a common occurrence) and I found an interesting picture of a model with a backwards-esque eyeshadow look. Normally how you go from corner and then go big outwards towards the end of your eyebrow, they had done it backwards in one intense hue. It was so bold and so inspiring that I decided to create my own version. Since the look is backwards, I did dark pink in the corner and smoked out to a light pink at the outter corners. The inner corners of my eye are sharp and harsh, but as it transitions into the soft pink I softened it and blended it out. Of course I smoked the bottom out too. I put an orange/magenta pigment on the inner corners of my eye, so I decided to pull out my OCC lip tar that I've only used once - this gorgeous shimmering burnt orange-y color. 

I feel a little punk rock, a little Effie Trinket, and a little David Bowie today, and I kinda like it.

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