Monday, July 20, 2015

30 Days of Lips + Looks: Day 8 "Disco Queen"

Day 8 "Disco Queen" - Maybelline "Make Me Pink"

I've been obsessed with glitter since I was a little girl, so I really wanted to go full-glitter with one of the days of this challenge. Green also happens to be my favorite color, so I thought I'd go with a green eye look after watching a tutorial a few nights ago. In the tutorial Desi Perkins used a green glitter shadow all over her lid, and after that I stumbled across Ali Michael's Instagram picture of a smudgy dark green eyeshadow look while watching "Blow" from Beyonce. The end result from all my inspirations was a sort of smokey 70's smudgy-disco look. I want the glitter to look kinda smudged up above the lid in an imperfect way, and since this was my first time working with glitter, I can say it wasn't easy! It took a bit before I (kinda) got the hang of it. ((Not pictured: my arms and hands covered in green glitter))

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